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Good relocating work is a job for the experts. A shady service can escalate the job into a logistical nightmare very soon. You might not only lose boatloads of money but also other important stuff. You might have heard stories about things arriving broken, or sometimes, even at a wrong destination! Don’t take the risk and give us a call instead. We are the best moving services in Reading and Berkshire you can find. Our reputation precedes us, and people recommend us often. We have had the opportunity to be of help to several houses and offices in the area. Whenever you look up man and van hire near me, we are ready with a service that assures complete peace of mind.

A few good men

We consider the trust of our clients as the most valued testimonial. While you relocate, you put your entire life on the road. This is particularly true for home removals, but office removals are no less important either. In any case, you need trusted men behind the wheels. You need good men to enter your homes and pack your stuff safely. You need hands that will guard the safety of your belongings at all costs while on transit. You need the best man and van in Reading. You need us to help you out.

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Multi-tier screening process

Our men go through the strictest verification criteria before earning their place at the wheels. Just showing an experience certificate never makes the cut with us. Rest assured, we go all out in reviewing and vetting our employees. Not only that, our interviewers carry on thorough scrutiny of the candidate’s ability before handing out the offer letter.

Any kind of lifting

The removals business can be mentally and physically taxing. It requires serious heavy lifting work, and therefore great physical capacity. Anyone who has ever had the experience of carrying an oak cabinet down three flights of stairs knows how much it takes. The job will likely not end with the cabinet. There will be the queen size bed, the jumbo refrigerator, and maybe, a huge trunk filled with old books. Did we also mention the grandfather clock? Let’s just say our men are supermen! They get to work like clockwork, highly skilled at working long stretches. They know how to handle pressure, and always ensure the safety of your things as a high priority. They are wizards at disassembling things, and then putting them back together quickly. You might wonder if they are Hogwarts alumni doing regular muggle stuff!
Sometimes, the heaviest of things are also the smallest and lightest ones. For example, consider a family photograph of your parents. Misplacing it in any way is a heavy burden that all the money in the world cannot replace. Our staff members are trained to recognize the emotional value of things, and safely keep them in transit. Also, we value confidentiality in our job, a key reason why our clients trust us.

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From packing to unpacking

Every single thing is accounted for. You won’t lose a needle! All the packing boxes will have neat labels enlisting their content. Our supervisor will have a master list with details of every box and any big item. We will tick off these items one by one only after they are placed safely in your new location. We will help you unpack, verify that everything is safe and sound. Tell our men where you want the items to be placed in the new location, and they will get it done.

Well-maintained vans

We have brought together a fleet of the best vans for heavy removals work. There’s a lot of space so that we can optimize it and help you to save the costs. All vans undergo scheduled maintenance, especially before a long trip. Clients can track the GPS location of the van all through the transit. A coordinator always stays in touch with the driver and the client. Even if you want to make last-minute changes, such as taking your stuff to a different warehouse, we are always ready. Ours is the most capable man and van Berkshire that you can find for the money. We are ready for any challenge to prove this to you. Just let us know!

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